Dust In The Wind

I’m so pleased to share this cover of “Dust in the Wind” with you!

An interview with its writer, Kerry Livgren, in 1992, described the story behind this song.
He was reading a book on Native American poetry – and one of the poems said, “for all we are is dust in the wind.”

The musical sequence for the song came when Kerry, Kansas’ lead electric guitarist, was experimenting with his acoustic guitar and doing exercises to expand his musical horizons. The riff caught the ear of his wife passing by during his work out –
It stopped her -and she said “Boy, that’s really pretty. You should make words with that.”
She really latched on to it – and it finally was brought before the band, reluctantly.
The band members loved it, but Kerry thought it might not be the “Kansas sound”. They recorded it and it turned out to be their first acoustic song and their biggest hit ever.

He heard the words and it caused him to pause. His wife heard the melody and it caused her to pause. A soul whisper-

A soul whisper is an offering to manifest a flash of insight when something touches your soul, and its’ unique timing in appearing before you. And just look at the result of paying attention to that whisper!

The first time I heard the melody and lyric of this song it haunted me, as well.
When I read of the song’s origin, I smiled, knowingly. Its’ roots were from a Native American poet. It is no surprise to me that the Native American spirit would be part of my musical journey. In fact, throughout my life I have resonated and been touched by its’ power and connection with all things.

Donny Marrow and I took it to our guys in Nashville – and once again, creative inspiration flowed in that session! Pat Bergeson created his magical guitar interlude that knocked me out and plays over and over in my head.
From the basic track recording, I brought it to my co-producer, Stephan Oberhoff in Los Angeles, where we dove in to find more of its’ magic. Stephan and I recorded background vocals to complement Pat’s beautiful guitar riffs. Church bells were added – to bring in the spaciousness of life’s continuum – birth, and death, and all that is in between – the haunting trumpet, the strings, and the visuals for this video that would add an even higher element to the senses.

Let life flow through you, knowing how time passes and energy transforms. Be present to each moment and its’ value. And feel the freeing nature this expansion brings.

Life is timeless. This song is timeless. We hope you will find it resonate with your heart and experience. And we thank Kery Livgren and Kansas for birthing this insightful gift of a song.

With love, Marsha