Singer’s Singer

Singer’s Singer

By Dan Singer

Dan Singer from New York City turns the spotlight on some overlooked Singers of the past and some bright newcomers, all of which are Singer’s Singers


Disk Eyes no #

Marsha Bartenetti is thoroughly enchanting on her 2014 program of ten songs. Starting with “Good Morning Heartache” (Drake/Higginbotham) with a seven piece string section plus an additional cello and viola. She’s truly a fine singer to marvel at.

In a bittersweet rendition “Someone To Watch Over Me” (Gershwins) features the delightful verse. I really appreciated hearing the addition of Ove Hanson’s shining English horn solo. Marsha continues with a thoughtful and outstanding vocal on “When I Fall In Love” (Heyman/Young). Ms. Bartenetti with her dramatic reading of “Over The Rainbow” (Arlen/Harburg) was a delight. Eugene Ben, her pianist, and Jerry Cortez, electric guitar, are marvelously showcased throughout. “As Time Goes By” (Hupfield) has a sensational seven piece violin string section along with 3 additional cellos backing her up superbly.
The combination is a bright and shining example of just what wonderful special care can do for this all too familiar song. On it Marsha sounds most appealing and fresh. “Baby It’s Cold Outside” (Loesser) is presented as an unusual slow duet with Teddy Jo Politzer and featuring Marsha’s fine trio.